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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Introducing DJ Nicholas

What can I say about this artist?  The first time I heard his testimony on "Testimony", I was moved to tears and goose pimples.  See, I grew up on reggae and caribbean music.  I was never convinced to join rastafarianism, but I did relate to the message.  The message of black pride and of freedom from oppression. To this day I still rever the teaching of Bob Marley thru his music. I read the biography of Bob Marley and realized that he was decieved into believing that Haile Salessie was God Incarnate.  I even discovered a sermon that Salessie made concerning that disillusion of the Jamaican Rastas' view of him as the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. 
Check out this video by DJ Nicholas and share it with all your friends, especially those who are practicing Rastafarians.
By DJ Nicholas




DJ Nicholas, birth name Nicholas Vaccianna Eccleston, Born the 29th of October, known in his early years as ‘nameless’ and produced dub plates (personalized songs) for sound systems such as ‘Nemesis and ‘Flawless.’ During this period, he began searching for his true identity; one night, he had a dream in which he saw fire falling from the heavens. In his dream, there was a Rastafarian in his house saying to him that he must know himself. As a result, he sought refuge in the Rastafarian faith believing that Selassie was God and became totally immersed in the Religion. Knowing that he was raised in a Christian home, he prayed for God’s guidance because he was confused about the path he was taking. While studying the bible intensely, he stumbled on Acts 4:12 which reads,”…There is no other name under Heaven given among men by which we must be saved.” This passage made him realize that Jesus Christ is the only way. Praises be to God, he received the word with thanksgiving. As a result, he shaved his hair and turned fully to the Bible for guidance and inspiration. He made the bold step of attending a church crusade at the New Life Assembly of God, Constant Spring Road. There, he got saved and baptized.

With the passion of knowing Christ, came another passion…the passion of gospel music. He pursued his dreams of doing God’s music by approaching Tommy Cowan who recorded his first single ‘Barrier’. Nicholas continued to produce songs such as “Pop off the Word” and collaborated with Kerron Ennis on “Holy Ghost Church.” He has worked on projects for Prodigal Son such as 'Recharge' which played a great part in his earlier development.

Nicholas released his first Album in 2005 titled, ‘DJ Nicholas on the Shout.

He won the Artist of the Year Award and the New Artist of the Year Award at the Maja Awards 2006 in Kingston Jamaica. He also won, New Gospel Artiste Award at the Joe Higgs Music Awards 2006 in Florida, he was also one of the contenders for this year’s big prize, Album of the Year for his debut project “On the Shout.” DJ Nicholas tied for the top nomination spot for the Caribbean Gospel Music Marlin Awards 2006 receiving a whopping twelve (12) nominations, where he also won New Artist of the Year and Duo of the Year for Holy Ghost Church. He was also nominated by the 2007 Teen Jamaica Observer Awards for Gospel Artiste of the Year and is also one of the contenders for the 2008 Youth View Awards Gospel Artiste of the Year nominated alongside Prodigal Son and Goddy Goddy. DJ Nicholas recently completed his second Album called, “Louder Than Ever,” and for the month of June 2008 he was Artiste of the month for the Star newspaper.
Danny Browne, Prodigal Son, Chevelle Franklyn, Robert & Jeneve Bailey and are some of the others he has worked along with. Also, he has ministered in Canada, USA, South America, London England and several Caribbean Islands, shared stage with Papa San, CeCe Winans, Alvin Slaughter, Canton Jones, he has also opened stage for Kirk Franklin in ST Maarten and Donnie Mcclurkin in Antigua.

He is one of the Directors of “On The Shout Records” a new gospel recording company which currently has two new gospel sensations, singers J-Cee and J-Lee under its portfolio. He hosted is first event in Jamaica with DJ Moses called, “EXODUS 2007”, movement of God’s people and worked on several projects such:

DJ Nicholas, On The Shout

Various Artists, KatsJam Roots Gospel Vol. 2

Chevelle Franklyn, His Way

Kerron Ennis, God is By Our Side

Katalys Crew, Christmas Inna Jamdown

Various Artists, This Is HOW We Celebrate Christmas

Various Artists, The Scroll

Various Artists, Scroll V2

Various Artists, Gospel Fi Share 1

Various Artists, Prodigal presents Recharge

Various Artists, YOW 3 - Reggae Street Gospel Chapter 3

Various Artists, YOW 4 - Reggae Street Gospel Chapter 4

He is not just known as DJ Nicholas but he is also a Deacon at his church, New Life Assembly of God with Pastor Douglas Robb, he is also called Minister DJ Nicholas and was given the title by two ministers this was witnessed by thousands of persons and the media, He is DJ Nicholas on the shout!!!...And there’s no doubt.

Ministry Statement:

To minister the undiluted word of God uncompromisingly through the language of the Caribbean music in a most Professional way to the furtherance of God's Kingdom.


Monday, January 11, 2010

No Condemnation To Them Which Are In Christ Jesus

1 There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit. There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.  2 For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death.After doing some research on Holy Hip Hop, it has more than its share of critics and those who condemn it.  I was amazed at the hatred expressed by so-called christian folk who are adamant that this music is just a carbon copy of secular rap that masquerades as a tool of gospel.  When  I figure to each his own.  I noticed how one can stir up a mob-like mentality with the power of condemnation and my mind pondered on this same spirit of condemnation that the Pharisees and Jewish leaders had towards Jesus Christ. 
Romans 8:1-2

 22 And the scribes which came down from Jerusalem said, He hath Beelzebub, and by the prince of the devils casteth he out devils.

Every miracle he did, they professed was an act of devils and Jesus questioned them,

23 And he called them unto him, and said unto them in parables, How can Satan cast out Satan? 24 And if a kingdom be divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand. 25 And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand. 26 And if Satan rise up against himself, and be divided, he cannot stand, but hath an end.  Mark 3:22-26

Seriously, none of us are without sin. To this day, I sin, but my flesh must die daily for my spirit man to grow.  This is the truth concerning maturing of christians.  We are to learn from our mistakes. Those of you who have this spirit of condemnation, repent for it was this same condemnation that the religious leaders cruxified the Messiah.  God looks beyond the flesh and at the heart of man.  Please make sure you are pure and you have removed the log from your eye before you condemn your brother for the speck in his.  I am not writing this to condemn anyone because this is also a warning to myself.  I wish you the same blessing as the Apostle John.

Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth. 3 John 1:2

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Urban D -- Crossover Church

You ever met someone and whatever they do they just seem to reflect Christ.  That's what I see whenever I am around Urban D.  And take this from me, I am not one to put anyone up on a pedestal nor do I worship preachers.  It's just when I am around this brother, he is some meek and christlike.  First time, I saw I was like, this dude looks like a straight gangster, with the braids and street gear.  I am here chuckling to myself cuz that's funny to me. I have my moments when I allow Christ to shine through me, but I know I have so far to go.  For instance, when I get around my old crowd, I caught myself saying things I know good and plenty I wouldn't say if I was in church.  I sometimes feel like the Apostle Peter after he betrayed Christ 3 times before the cock crowed.  Guess what gives me hope.  When I hear Urban D talking about the times he backslide and sometimes reverted back to his old ways.  It gives me strength to know that it's just part of growing in Christ.  Christ doesn't want or need you to wait until you fix everything thats wrong in you.  That's what the Holy Spirit is for. This is the same spirit that lives in Jesus Christ, that wants to come and live in you.
Anyway, I gotta say that Pastor Tommy aka Urban D is one of the most laid back and righteous cats I have ever met and not only that; this dude can spit and he gives a mean sermon.  If you are ever in the Tampa Bay area be sure to stop by Crossover Church and visit the website for more info.

History of Reggae: Christian Reggae

By Reggaeplus Radio

Published Jan 1, 2003

Christian Reggae Music ...

Gospel Reggae is the fastest growing segment of Reggae music today. It is really a homecoming of sorts because so much of the music that influenced Ska, Rock Steady and Reggae has its roots in Gospel. Songs like 'Shadrach, Meshach, & Abendego' by Justin Hinds & the Dominoes, 'Oil in My Lamp' by Eric 'Monty' Morris, 'The Tree of Life [We Are Marching On]' by Stranger Cole & Ken Boothe, 'The Rivers of Babylon' by Brent Dowe and the Melodians, which also became a worldwide hit for Boney M, were some of the songs from the Ska and Rock Steady era[s] that demonstrated a major Gospel influence.

Many mainstream artists have now switched to [or at the very least include] Gospel Reggae including Clive Tennors, Hopeton Lewis, Sanchez, Papa San, Carlene Davis, Richie Stephens, Judy Mowatt, Lt. Stitchie & Junior Tucker. Some of the popular artists include Joan Flemming, Claudette Clark, and the always formidable Grace Thrillers. Jamaican music has certainly gone full circle. Give Thanks and Praises. Listen


Shop Now for music by the artists featured in History of Jamaican Music.

Are you Ready - Clive Tennors

Man Upstairs - Richie Stevens

Reggae Songs of Praise, Vol. 2

Real Power- Lt. Stitchie

Reggae Songs of Praise

Victory Papa Sana

Redeemed- Carlene Davis

Vessel - Carlene Davisl

Faith- Junior C

High Praise: Reggae Sunsplash '98 Gospel...

Yow! Reggae Gospel

God Is a Mountain - Claudelle Clarke

Papa San - One of My Favorite Reggae Artists Now Spits only For Jesus

It’s been said that music is a universal language. If so no one speaks it better than that of Papa San, known as Jamaica’s fastest lyrical speaking DJ now Ordained Minister Reverend Tyrone Thompson. Whom, has over 13 hit singles and over 15 albums under his belt with two number one Billboard Dance Chart Hit Singles in the Secular Arena:- “Gimmie Love” and “Program”
In the year of Nineteen Hundred and Ninety Seven (1997) , after being saved, released three Reggae Gospel Albums that went to the top ten Billboard Charts such as:- “Victory”, “God & I” and “ Real & Personal”. He now returns again with a release of his fourth album entitled: - “Higher Heights”. The Album speaks for itself based on its controversial sound of Roots, Rock and Reggae with a combination of Jamaica’s Dancehall sound crossing over into the global Industry of Gospel Music, delivering the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This different sound, will not only tease the listeners ear but will also put a conviction upon the hearts, to create change in one’s life, based on the message of Christ and the testimony of his journey among us.

The Album features tracks such as :- “Inna De Ghettio”, that speaks of Ghetto Life , the living and the hope of change that we need in the inner city community, otherwise known as the ghetto. Another track that has a lot of message is “You Take Care of Me”, speaks of God’s faithfulness in times of persecution, where San’s testimony is that God always showed up every time he needed Him. The track “Stand”, which speaks of Christians standing firm and not comprising the Gospel no matter what the circumstances may be. “Africans Unite” was written for the African Nation is now becoming an anthem in Africa after touring Uganda, Kenya and Malawi. Also a soul filling track called:- “Prayer” featuring Marvin Winans Jr. Is a prayer reaching out to God for people living in the midst of poverty, who have been rejected and ignored by society. Finally, an anointed Reggae worship song, featuring Alvin Slaughter, Glacia Robinson, Junior Tucker, Martin Heritage, Kristian Dentley from the group Take Six and others. This song encourages all to worship God in whatever language they know, in Spirit and in Truth.

Papa San’s Accomplishments

1.He was the first Gospel Artiste in the Caribbean to hit the Reggae Billboard Charts, not just once but three times, featuring all three albums.

2.First DJ Artist to be nominated and won a Stella Award

3.San has also been nominated once for a Dove Award

4.Has won Twelve Marlin Awards

5.Has won the title as the “ Number One Gospel Artiste” for the World Music Awards

6.San has also been featured on Kirk Franklin’s “ Rebirth Album” on the track entitled : “ Awesome God ”

7.Featured on Toby Mack’s Hit Album entitled, “Hoopy Daisey”

8.Featured on Reverend Jackie McCoulough ‘s track entitled, “Stay Connected"

9.Featured on Top Record Producer Percey Brady’s single entitled “ Hold Up The Light”

In addition to Papa San’s talent as a successful Reggae, DJ Artiste and Minister of Music, he also wears many hats including that of song writer and producer, where he has written for legendary songbird Glacia Robinson , Kirk Franklin’s duet “Breathe Again” Toby Mack and many others. He has also worked on numerous projects such as: - Dr. Carlene Davis, Natalie Wilson from S.O.P., Percy Bady and others.” This also includes all his Reggae Gospel Albums to date.

Souls & Attendance

The ministry of Papa San has had a vast amount of people being and or won for Christ, throughout the years. With the production and release of each album this ministry has had a tremendous growth. Papa San’s hope and or conviction is that with the release of this new album it will bring another great harvest and reach as many souls as possible for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Papa San’s Concerts has lead to a record breaking attendance in which one concert brought out in attendance over forty five thousand people ( 45,000) in Uganda, Africa.

The Anointing from the presence of God lead hundreds to the Altar. This lead ministers to build a new church to accommodate and spiritually feed these new souls for Christ. He also broke another record for being the first international artist ever to minister in Malawi Africa which also reaped numerous amounts of souls for Christ. He is also officially signed to “World Vision” fulfilling his desire to help abandon children all over the world. Based on the experience Papa San created his own motto which says that “I am a fisher of men and music is my bait”.

Papa San was inspired to produced and release this new album based on his personal conviction, his journey and or walk with Jesus Christ. This took him from just attending church to having a personal relationship with Christ Jesus, taking him to deeper depths and Higher Heights.

Papa San, no question is one of the greatest dancehall artists of all-time. Now Papa San is a pastor and gospel reggae recording artist.  I believe his music is even better than ever. I grew up on his music and as a youth loving the raw caribbean vibe of reggae music.  I still listen to secular reggae because the  consciousness and soul that it embodies.  It really can't even be called secular because so much of the music is based on spiritual beliefs.  Now I realize that many of the reggae artists believe that Haile Selassie is God, it is because they have been mislead.  Selassie himself tried to clear up that misnomer when he wrote to Jamaicans and visited the island. 

The following except was taken from Rastafarian Church's own website.

"The media at the time reported that Selassie died in prison on August 27, 1975. officially following a prostate operation; however, it is widely believed by historians that he was strangled and his remains buried beneath the president's personal office. (On November 5th, 2000, the late Emperor was granted a formal funeral.)

Amongst followers of Rastafarianism, a religion which developed in the 1930s in Jamaica under the influence of Marcus Mosiah Garvey's "Back to Africa" movement, Haile Selassie I is regarded as a Black messiah who will lead the peoples of Africa and the African diaspora to freedom. Most Rastafarians believe that Selassie is still alive, and that his widely reported death was part of a conspiracy to discredit their religion.

The Emperor himself, a devout Christian, was opposed to the Rastafarians' belief in him as messiah. A state visit to Jamaica in 1966, during which Haile Selassie I was greeted by massive screaming crowds, was reportedly quite extraordinary for the monarch. After the visit, the Emperor is said to have told Ethiopian Orthodox Archbishop Abuna Yesehaq: "There is a problem in Jamaica.... Please, help these people. They are misunderstanding, they do not understand our culture.... They need a church... to be established and you are chosen to go." The Ethiopian Orthodox Church was established in Jamaica to convert the Rastafarians to Christianity.

The Emperor's seat as a Knight of the Garter in St. George's Chapel had the unusual feature of a double-sided banner, one side representing the Emperor of Ethiopia, and the other for the Lion of Judah. He had originally asked for two seats."

Papa San is being used by God to bring the people of this culture to a knowledge of the true and living God and his Messiah Jesus Christ. 

Check out his official website:

Friday, January 8, 2010

The Vision

The vision of Jesus Christ Ministries is something that has been brewing in my spirit for a long time.  I had this vision in my early 20s.  God gave me a clear picture of a ministry that reached out to youth, especially the youth of the Virgin Islands where I grew up.  I managed with the guidance of my mother and stepfather to stay away from the streets, drugs and gangs while I was growning up.  Unfortunately that is the norm in the Virgin Islands.  The majority of children are supported by single mothers and raised without a father figure present, especially a godly father figure. 

From my own experiences, I know first hand of the dire consequences that await those who fall to the path of the streets, drugs, gangs and the pursuit of fast riches.  I also know first hand of the demonic oppressions that rules of over the islands.  It seems that there is a darkness that has yet to be pierced that possess control of most of the inhabitants.  While most people live their daily lives and never even think or see this, God has pulled back the veil and shown me that there is a serious demonic hold on the Virgin Islands.  There are many God-fearing and faithful believers that reside there, but if you just take a look at the daily newspapers you could get a glipse of what prevails.  The youth are the ones mostly at risk, especially the young men.  They are drawn by the glamourful life of drugs and ill-gotten money. Almost daily, someone's life is ended by senseless violence.  I know this is not a very uplifting subject; but in order to solve the problems of the islands, we must first confront them.  The reason for this is because we have left the safety of Our Father and His Son Jesus Christ. That is the Truth, even though many are opposed to truth, there is no escaping from it.  We must be realists and confront the wares and devices of our immortal enemies.  There are principalities and powers that seek to destroy our very souls.  The most powerful tool that they wield is to cause us to refuse to acknowledge their very existence.  Satan and his cohorts, my friends, are very real; though he would have us reduce him to simply tales and fables, that is exactly what he wants, so he can go about with his plans unexposed.  Those who continue to walk into the traps and snares that he lays will know that the devil is real only when it is all but too late.  There are those who do not believe, and then there are those who openly worship Satan, believing that he is their friend, and that their best interests are his.  Think again, for the devil comes as a roaring lion as describe in 1.1 Peter 5:8 (Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour). 

Back to the vision.  The Lord clearly as day said to me to write the vision, to make it plain, so he whom sees it may run.  The vision was to develop a christ-based youth ministry and center.  The pilot center would be be developed on St. Croix with others to soon follow.  We would provide an outlet for young men, women and children to learn the truth about Jesus Christ, and nurture them as believers and evangalists to continue to spread the good news of Jesus Christ and His coming kingdom with the elements of music and media arts.
At first, I was excited and started telling friends and family about the vision. It was my very same friends and family members who ridiculed me and laughed at the vision.  They would say, "boy, you're not a pastor" and "chuups, you just like your Uncle Hill'.  I had to laugh at that last comment because I spent a lot of time with my uncle.  Most people ridicule him also because he wasn't very learned but he was a man of fire for God.  He also was human and made his share of mistakes. The sad thing is folks are so quick to judge you especially if you stand for God. The words of Christ ring ever so true; "If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you," 1.John 15:18.  So with that being said, I take it all with a grain of salt (please excuse the cliche).

Now more than ever God is impressing on my heart and mind to bring forth the vision.  While the vision is still in the blueprint stages, I feel moved to write the vision and allow God to provide the resources and people needed to bring it to fruition. I realize that I am just a vessel for the vision and lacking of the resources to do something this huge and exhaustive by myself.  I have often expressed this, but God has given me a word that He has more than enough resources.  If He has touch your heart with this vision, I am open to any assistance anyone can provide, be it prayer, finances, knowledge, or expertise.  Please feel free to contact me on my cell 813-380-5918 and leave me a message or drop me an line @ my email.

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