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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Messianic Jews Spittin Lyrics Fo' Christ

These two youngsters are sick on the mic. Their lyrics are collegial.  Listening to the album, was like reading a modern day disertation by the apostle Paul. The duo quote not only the Bible but the Tamud.  I saw them live at Crossover Church here in Tampa.  They were off the chain, like two pitbulls straight out of Mike Vick's kennel. The only difference is they did it for Jesus. The crowd was really into them and so was I.  The reason, they were all about the Most High.  So I had to do it.  I copped the cd and well, it was worth every dime.
The intro sounded a bit corny at first.  I was like what the.... but I decided to give it a listen before I made up my mind and it was worth it.  The Fullfillment drops some knowledge about how Christ fulfilled the prophecies in the Talmud describing Jesus first coming as a lamb and predicting his second coming as a majestic lion.
The next track Genesis 18 sound at first like Busta Rhymes was going to jump out signing Arab Money LOL. Nah, but seriously the brothers get into the explanation of the album title, "Theopanies". They describe and explain who it was the prophets of old and patriachs of the bible saw, from Abraham to Jacob.
This description is found on the cd insert:

Pronunciation: The-'a-fe-ne
:a visible manifestation of Diety.

The brothers get up in your face with "Brace Yourself.  This song seems it goes straight for those that question God's universal wisdom and gives the a taste of their own medicine. Ouch. Its seems like its coming straight from the mouth of God Himself.
There are a lot of gems on this album. Shamayim of Gold talks about the preparations God promises for the faithful. Salvation breaks down the price that was paid on the cross of Calvary. The beat is ridiculous. It rivals mainstream songs with the incredible flow. Stephen the Levite is the guest artist and flows like the nile on the track.  On the Theophanies interlude Dr. Michael Brown expounds on the subject of the album. The shofar, for those unfamiliar with Judaism the ram's horn  ushers in a beat that makes you want to roll your fist in circles and then point. I know I am wrong for that but I was doing the dance Busta did in Arab Money. This reports on Jacob's encounter with the angel of God and his transformation to Israel. I could keep but dancing like David did to this jam here.
Mercy feat. MuzeOne is a banger. Too bad they won't play this in the club. Then here comes the old school Eighties Mix bringing back of memories of jerry curls, gunned down jeans and breakdancing.  Heavy Laden tells a story of a believer down to his last straw. He come face to face with the God Man and starts complaining about his many problems.  Ironically Jesus looks on him compassionately and allows him to lay down his cross and pick a new one. The conclusion will have you thinking is that me?
These dudes take the album to the next level and slams the cd cover down on your fingers with Uncut and Raw.  They are taking it personal as they blast the crude and lubricious attitudes of the today's rappers as who do whatever it takes to sell records. Ouch.
Exodus 3 recalls Moses encounter with The Angel of God.  Passover Lamb expounds on the Exodus of God's chosen people from the land of Egypt and the step of faith it took to carry out the command of God to mark the houses with the blood of a lamb.
Crucifixion Description is quite graphic as it goes into a full blown step by step of the  pain and cruelty carried out by Roman crucifixion. I love the beat.  Its ironic, for this sound like it belongs on a love song, but if you think about, this is a love song.  Risen is a catchy tune about the resurrection featuring fellow labelmate Shai Linne. Judges 32 describes further theophanical encounters.
Only Hope is a reminder of all the worries of today's modern world and the one solution. Kashoh concludes with the prophet Isaiah vision of the coming king. 
Overall this album is a banger and will be a classic.  I know this is my first review but on a scale of 1 to 5, I have to give it a 4.7 so lets just make it a 5.

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